Everything we discuss in our sessions together is confidential except:

  1. For the purposes of supervision. Supervision sessions are to allow me to gain support and guidance in my work from another qualified counsellor who also ensures that I am working ethically and competently. If I discuss our work I will only refer to you by your first name (unless you would prefer me to use an alternative) and any other distinguishing details will be altered to keep your identity anonymous.

  2. Where I feel there may be a danger to yourself or others eg thoughts of self harm or where there is specific legislation eg: Prevention of terrorism act 2005/ Money Laundering Regulations 2007/ Drugs Trafficking Act 1996 and Protection of Childrens Act 1999 . If I felt this was the case I may want to discuss this with you and explore the most appropriate and safe way forward.

  3. Written information. I make brief session notes and keep information on how to contact you eg address, email, phone. This information is stored securely in filing cabinets, with any contact details or means of identification kept separately from the session notes. Once we have finished working together this information would be destroyed.


Frequency, cancellation,length and cost of sessions

Sessions are up to 60 minutes long. We would normally meet weekly, although there may be specific circumstances where we make a different agreement. 

We will review the work we are doing on a regular basis to assess how the relationship/ work is progressing and allow us to ensure it is meeting your needs and review the number of sessions that are appropriate.

I will require 48 hours notice in advance if you can't make a session, or as soon as possible in exceptional circumstances. I will follow the same procedure too if I need to cancel a session. It is ok to leave a message on my answerphone if you need to cancel as it is checked regularly. I charge £45 an hour, a full fee is payable by cash/ cheque for all session including the initial assessment and if a session is missed without 48 hours notice.



Code of ethics and complaints procedure

I am fully accredited and work within the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) code of ethics. Difficult feelings can sometimes arise during counselling and hopefully we would be able to discuss these together. If you feel that at any time I am not working ethically and are unable to raise this with me the BACP have a formal complaints procedure which you can access via their website BACP



I have read and understand the above information and agree to the conditions 

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