Being an accredited member of the BACP ( British Association of Counsellors and Pyschotherapists) means that I work within their guidance for practice. The requirements of this are described in the section 'our commitments to clients' . (BACP website)

Some of the main aspects are:

  • Putting clients first by making them our primary concern when working with them.
  • Working within our competence, capability, skills and knowledge.
  • Protecting client confidentiality and privacy.
  • Being in partnership and agreement with clients in terms of how we work together
  • Respecting boundaries between our work with clients and what lies outside that work.
  • Not exploiting or abusing clients and communicating any benefits, costs and commitments clients may reasonably expect.
  • Being honest about the work, accurately communicating our qualifications and work methods and working ethically within the law.
  • Being willing to discuss any known risks involved in the work and how best to work towards the clients desired outcomes.
  • Monitoring and reviewing our work both with the client and through supervision with another qualified counsellor


I also have a counselling agreement that I would discuss and ask you to agree to if you choose to work with me (see attached link )