Frequently asked questions

How often/ long would we meet for?

Sessions last for 60 minutes and are usually on a weekly basis at a regular time slot where this is practicable. I offer open ended therapy with the actual number of sessions you require being discussed at the initial session and reviewed periodically throughout our work together.

where would we meet ?



I work from an upstairs therapy room from my home in the Peak District in Curbar, which is approx 20 mins from Sheffield and 15 mins from Chesterfield city centres. 


How do i decide if you are the right therapist for me ?

Its really important to choose the right therapist for you ie someone you feel comfortable with, who has the correct experience to support you and works in a way that meets your needs.

Our first session is an opportunity for us to start to get to know each other and for you to ask any questions you may have. I also take some time in this session to explore how things are for you right now, what you would like to work on and whether we feel we can work with each other.

If you feel at the end of this session that you aren't sure whether to book further sessions please feel free to ask more questions or look round for other therapists too.

How much do you charge ?

I charge £45/ hour which is payable by cash at each session or BACCS transfer prior to the session.

I also charge for the initial session as described above

What days do you work?


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 0930-1930